our cake

All of your cakes are hand baked in the Bakery Cakery HQ kitchen using locally sourced and fresh ingredients, with no additional preservatives.  After being hand packed onto a bed of tissue paper, beautifully wrapped and tied with organic cotton ribbon they begin their journey to you, and it is quite the journey

We like to stop from time to time and take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life.  Our cakes are a true reflection of this, using only the basic ingredients to give you the most scrumptious treat.  Our recipes have been passed down through generations (and developed along the way)

"The smell and taste brings back many memories of days I spent baking as a child"

Rotating throughout every quarter, each month you will receive either nutty flapjacks, gooey brownies or moist sponges with the exception of December when you will receive our Christmas box featuring the top three cakes of the year 

noun/ a scrumptious treat to be enjoyed alongside a cup of tea or coffee either with loved ones or loafing in your favourite chair


our flapjacks are chewy with a slight crunch, just the way we like them.  The base recipe has been passed down and perfected through the generations, we hope you agree

raspberry flapjack


we think the most irresistible brownies can be described as rich, gooey and fudgy with a crisp top.  If you agree, you really wont be disappointed

salted caramel brownie mix


our sponge recipes are very light yet moist and usually contain fresh fruit 

lemon & blueberry sponge