live organic

live simply, so others can simply live

Living organically is a lifestyle choice and even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on both the environment and our health.  Without the added desires of consumerism, one can learn to enjoy the simple things in life

Bakery Cakery | Core Values | Live Organic | Organic Farming

100% of the fruit and vegetables we grow at Bakery Cakery HQ are grown organically, either by ourselves from seed or from seedlings and plants purchased at organic nurseries

We only use organic seaweed as feed along with our own organic compost

We are also planning on experimenting with making our own organic feed for the first time next year


Bakery Cakery | Core Values | Live Organic | Organic Cleaning

All of our waste is passed through filter beds, where bacteria breaks it down.  As with any good bacteria, they do not like chemicals, meaning we use 100% organic cleaning products and sometimes even put some yoghurt down the drains to feed the bacteria

However, when plant-based products are as effective as their chemical counterparts, why would you not choose the organic option?

Bakery Cakery | Core Values | Live Organic | Organic Ingredients

We are proud to say that at least 40% of our ingredients are organic and we are working with suppliers daily in an attempt to increase this.  The ultimate intension is to get the number up to at least 95%