be sustainable

Waste less, live more

A great slogan around rethinking how we live and making changes to reduce our environmental impact whilst improving the health and happiness of ourselves and each other.  What is good for the environment is good for us too

Bakery Cakery | Core Values | Be Sustainable | Clean Energy

We are proud to say that 100% of our energy is clean, if not from our very own bank of solar panels then from the ecotricity solar and wind parks, powering everything from our mixers and ovens to our car

ecotricity were the first green energy company and the work they are doing can only be commended 

Nothing frustrates us more than getting home from the shops and placing most of the packaging straight into the recycling bin.  As a result, we have put a lot of focus on ensuring we have sustainable packaging, 80% of which is either recycled or biodegradable.  We are determined to get this figure to 100% 

Bakery Cakery | Core Values | Be Sustainable | Recycled

40% of our packaging is recycled, starting with our ingredients, thank you and gift cards, which are made from recycled t-shirt off cuts

These are closely followed by our lovely boxes, made from 100% recycled materials, 80% of which is post consumer

Finally, the greaseproof paper that wraps our cakes is made from 100% recycle materials, all post consumer 

Bakery Cakery | Core Values | Be Sustainable | Biodegradable

40% of our packaging is biodegradable.  Yes, that is right, you can pop the following packaging on to your compost heap, when you have finished with it, and make your very own compost to grow your own:

  • Shipping bag
  • Shredded tissue paper
  • Cornstarch bag
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue Paper
  • Dishcloth