strawberry aftercare

Is your strawberry crop coming to an end?  Are you feeling smug about your harvest?

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strawberry crop

coming to an end

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feeling smug?

a good harvest

Unfortunately it doesn't end there.  You need to undertake a little strawberry aftercare if you want the same success year after year

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success year after year

a little strawberry aftercare

cutting back

If your strawberries begin to fruit in spring to early summer for a four to five week period (summer fruiting), then they will need cutting back to approximately 10cm following the harvest.  However, if they fruit in both spring and early autumn (perpetual fruiting), just remove the old leaves following the harvest, do not cut them back.  In addition, remove any straw, from both, to reduce the chances of pests and diseases

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remove straw

reduce the chances of pest and disease

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keep the runners

perfect for replacing old plants


When the runners start to grow, either tuck them into your beds or push them into a pot of organic compost.  The roots should be well established by September, when you will be able to cut the "umbilical".   They will be perfect for replacing old plants

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replace and rotate every three years

increasing soil fertility 

replacement and rotation

Strawberry plants are best replaced every three years, with the second year providing the best harvest.  If you keep your runners, they will make an ideal replacement.  You should also rotate your crop, between beds or pots, every three years, increasing soil fertility and reduceing the chance of pests and diseases

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