there is no space too small

Welcome to my new blog, 'GROW', where I will be providing you with 'grow your own' advice, giving you an insight into to our local producers and walking you through some special recipes from the garden....we don't want all of that produce to go to waste

For those who are completely new to 'grow your own', before we jump into how to get growing, you need to identify your space.  I regularly hear people say, 'I would love to grow my own but I just don't have any/enough outdoor space'.  Fear not, you can start as small as a windowsill in your home to gro-sacks, pots or hanging baskets outside your front door or even as far as an allotment and greenhouse

Here are a few images for inspiration but also take a look at our pinterest board, 'there is no space too small'

crocheted hanging baskets

crocheted hanging basket

Soul Made Home, Etsy

the original grow-sack

the ORIGINAL gro-sack

Marshalls Seeds

lean-to greenhouse

wall frame greenhouse

Access Gardens Products

wooden greenhouse

wooden greenhouse

AB Timber Products

I shall give you some time to have a think about your space but if you have any questions, please comment below

I will be back soon with my first 'grow your own' suggestion