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A few weeks ago I promised a blog post on how to naturally keep those pesky slugs and snails at bay....here it is

I do not know how they can eat so much but I do know that they can destroy a bed of potatoes (amongst other things) overnight 

There are many options out there but only a few that I have found to be successful

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slugs and snails

they can destroy a bed of potatoes (amongst other things) overnight

The most effective solution has been copper tape....wrap it around your gro-sack, pots and raised beds but be aware, you may need to double up the tape to stop the really big slugs

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copper tape

the most effective solution

There are also two nuisance (for the slugs and snails) options that work well alongside the copper tape....gravel and roofing felt

To slugs and snails it is a little like walking barefoot on a stoney beach....we only really do it if we have to

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a nuisance option that works well alongside the copper tape

The longer you make the journey to the gro-sacks, pots and raised beds the more effective it will be

A final little tip....I have found that slugs and snails are less fond of red potatoes so maybe give red duke or desiree a try

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