kick start your seed growing

This year I decided to be brave (and patient) and grow some of my vegetables from seed.  I have made numerous mistakes along the way, although they do say that mistakes are proof that you are trying, however I am pleased to say that I now have lots of healthy looking plants

Here are my top three tips to kick start your seed growing:

mini munch cucumber

less is more

tiny seeds will turn into giant plants

one: less is more

I started growing seeds with the thought that only 20% will actually grow.  That wasn't the case, it was more like 90% and I have now been overtaken by tomato plants....25 of them

So, I would recommend purchasing a good plant propagator and being aware when sowing, tiny seeds turn into giant plants


gently does it

ift your seedlings by their leaves

two: gently does it

When your seeds become seedlings and are ready for their first repotting remember to lift your seedlings by their leaves.  They are very fragile at this stage so lifting them by their stems will likely cause the roots to break off....I unfortunately learnt this the hard way


slowly up the housing ladder

don't overwhelm your seedlings

three: slowly up the housing ladder

When repotting your little seedlings and plants, slowly increase their pot size, even if that means repotting four or five times.  Just imagine, if we moved from a studio flat in the city to a five bedroom house in the countryside, we would feel a little overwhelmed....they are the same, so take it slowly 

Good luck and as always feel free to comment below with any questions

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