In the Garden: Lifting the Lids

Some of you may remember, last September we pressed the apples in our garden to make 20 litres of apple juice and 75 litres of cider

Then came the waiting game, we needed to leave the cider to ferment until 'approximately May'

So May is here and we decided to lift the lid on the first container not really sure what to expect

After sterilising everything, we set to work siphoning the cider into a seperate container being sure not to disturb the sediment


About 45 minutes and 20-25 litres of cider later, the first container of cider had been filtered.  A cheeky little sip and it tasted good!  Then to the kitchen for bottling


Only another 60 bottles to go......I think I might be here a while

We have been thinking of a name and our favourite so far is Newton Swift, a combination of our gorgeous Springer Spaniels kennel club name and the cider farm that use to operate in the area we live.  I may just have to design some labels

If you have an apple tree in your garden, don't let them rot on the ground, make yourself some apple juice or cider