In the Garden: Our Lives Depend on Theirs

Living next to an orchard is a constant reminder of the rapid decline in our bees, along with other pollinating insects.  They play an essential role in ecosystems, as pollinators.  Hand-pollination is an extremely labour-intensive, slow and expensive process

A third of all our food depends on their pollination; vegetables like zucchini, fruits like apricot, nuts like almonds, spices like coriander, edible oils like canola…...the list goes on

There are many things we can do to help save our bees; stop using insecticides, learn to become a bee keeper, educate the younger generation on the importance of bees, create your own vegetable patch or window box, build bee habitats, bake using local honey, and many more....

We are partaking in a few of these ourselves:

We are giving away seeds with our May and June boxes that are not only great for your kitchen garden but also perfect for pollinators.  For a full list of suitable plants visit RHS


In addition to this, one of our subscribes in both May and June will receive a copy of the beautiful picture book, 'Bee & Me' making the story of our bees personal, bringing a message of hope 


A little girl befriends a bee, which takes her on a journey of discovery.  Bee & Me is both a story of friendship and an introduction to the ecology of the natural world we hope our winners enjoy it

Remember.....our lives depend on theirs