In the Kitchen: Cake Storage

If you are anything like me, you will have got overly excited on the lead up to the festive season, filling your cupboards with treats, more than you could possibly consume.  Do not fear, there is an alternative to making yourself feel sick trying to eat them all

In order to retain the freshness of our cakes we always recommend to keep them in an airtight container once opened.  With that in mind, I have selected my top six cake tins 

Garden Trading Charcoal Cake Tin

1. Garden Trading Round Cake Tin in Charcoal £22.00

I do love Garden Trading, their designs, although clean and simple, are also a great statement piece.  Made of powder coated steel with a diameter of 24.5cm and height of 18cm, it is great for a classic victoria sponge

Orla Kiely Melamine Tins

2. Orla Kiely Melamine Tins £45.00

You can't go wrong with Orla Kiely or a melamine storage tin, great for picnics and that cake you have had a slice of but just cant finish.  I wouldn't know what to do without mine, they are permanently in use

Marks and Spencer Dovecote Cake Tins

3.Marks and Spencer Dovecote Cake Tins £15.00

Something a little different from Marks and Spencer, this Dovecote design reminds me of being a child and eating my great-aunts cheese straws....they were amazing.  Two tins with a diameter of 25cm and 22cm and height of 12cm and 10cm

Living Nostalgia French Grey Cake Tin.png

4. Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia French Grey Cake Tin £22.95

Very similar to the Garden Trading cake tin but with an elevated platter base and domed lid perfect for both storing and serving.  Slightly smaller with a diameter of 17cm and height of 11cm

Rice Rectangular Food Boxes

5. Rice Rectangular Food Boxes £11.50

These Rice food boxes are great for storing that last slice of cake or piece of brownie, ready for the moment when you really need it 

Wrendale Designs Cake Tin Nest

6. Wrendale Designs Cake Tin Nest £29.99

Original artwork by award winning artist Hannah Dale, this nest of cake tins are great for any country kitchen.  Three tins measuring 25cm, 22.5cm and 19.5cm in diameter

So, that is the final cake tin in our top six.  There are many more out there waiting to keep your cakes fresher for longer

Note: prices were valid at the point of posting