Shop Local: Flour Mill

As you may have noticed, supporting local producers is something I feel very strongly about.  So I was very excited to have some time go and visit our local flour mill, Talgarth Mill 

Talgarth Mill bakers jackets

- Dedication and hard work of local residents -


A few years ago Talgarth Mill received a lottery grant of  £500,000.  This, along with the dedication and hard work of local residents, saw its restoration.  Within a matter of months, The Bakers' Table, the mills cafe, started to win awards for the quality of its can see why

Talgarth Mill soup

Guided tours weren't running the day we visited so we opted to take a look around by ourselves, we were even able to manually grind a small amount of flour

Talgarth Mill water wheel

Each and every bag of flour made at Talgarth Mill is hand packed by local volunteers

Talgarth Mill labels

- The gardens are stunning -


At the back of the mill the hard work continues, with beautifully landscaped gardens set alongside the river Ellywe.  Hidden amongst the greenery are some beautifully crafted wrought iron structures

Talgarth Mill gardens

If you are ever in the area, it is definitely worth a visit....maybe even take home your own bread kit