about us

So, first things first, why Bakery Cakery?  "The name came around after my many trips to France as a child. Every time I saw a 'Boulangerie Patisserie' my mum and I would shout, 'Bakery Cakery'. So, when I decided to start up my own business, I knew it had to be called just that"

Bakery Cakery was founded in 2008 by Kiara Harper.  Since then we have stocked coffee shops, made many occasion cakes, followed the trends including the scrumptious cake balls and glamorous macaroons, opened our Etsy store selling personalised aprons and cake toppers, making things from icing we had never imagined, introduced our very own seedless preserves....the list goes on

In 2016, we decided to give Bakery Cakery a single focus; with today's pace of life something that has remained very important to us, has been to ensure we take some time to stop, relax and enjoy the simple things in life.  "I was sat in a ski chalet with my friends after a day on the slopes, reminiscing about the antics of the day over a cup of tea and piece of cake.  I then had a thought....the organic monthly cake box, what a perfect monthly reminder to make sure you enjoy some quality down time"

The rest, as they say, is history....

a flower doesn't compete, it blooms

the team

So this is where I tell you a little about me....I have been baking cakes since I was a little girl, taught by my mum and grandma, and have continued to enjoy doing so ever since.  I am always looking for an excuse to try out a new flavours or test a new recipe (and I am usually surrounded by people who are more than willing to try the results)

My 'day job' is as an Engineer, after graduating in 2007, I have been in a variety of roles in the Automotive industry, all of which have taught me a great deal about life, business and of course Engineering as well as meeting some friends for life along the way

When I am not at work or running Bakery Cakery, I am always looking for something new to learn; wakeboarding, snowboarding, drumming, knitting, sewing, gardening, yoga, pottery....(the list is endless)

I have strong ethical values and feel we should all be doing our part to help the environment.  You will see these values throughout Bakery Cakery from the electricity that fuels our ovens, ingredients that we use to bake your cakes, and the packaging that so beautifully presents them

At the minute, 'the team' is just me.  However, I really couldn't do it without the support from my friends and family who are always there to provide honest feedback and that much needed encouragement on those days where I feel like giving it all up (you know the days), and my lovely customers who make it all worthwhile.  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart....