In the Garden: Grow Your Own....Where to Start

Although most would think otherwise, you really do not need much space to start to 'grow your own'.  OK, it will limit the quantity of crop, but that's okay, we all have to start somewhere.  I started about 5 years ago, with three simple wooden barrels growing round carrots, peppers and strawberries....all those things you hear about how great fruit and vegetables taste when they come straight from your garden really is true

- plan your growing space -


So, where to start....take some time to plan your growing space before you get planting, there are many options out there; hanging baskets, pots, raised beds, veg trug, grow sacks....the possibilities seem endless.  There are a couple of websites I can recommend that will help you explore your options:

Then decide what you would like to grow.  I think the most important thing here is to think about which fruit and vegetables you eat the most....putting your time and effort into growing something that ends up on the compost heap is not a great motivator to keep interested in and becoming an advocate for 'grow your own'

Once you have your list, look them up (I would recommend RHS or Gardeners World for this) to see how they like to grow and which align with the plan you have created for your growing space

- seedlings or plants - 


The next big decision....seedlings or plants?  This really does depend on how much time you have (and patience) and whether you have a nice warm space to keep your propagator (a window sill above a radiator is always great).  I started growing from seed for the first time this year....I shall let you know later if it is worth all of the effort.  If you would like to start simple, there are many nurseries and supermarkets out there that have done a lot of the hard work for you in getting your fruit and vegetables off to a good start

However, if you do decide to give it a go, get some good seedling compost and sieve it if required to ensure it is fine enough to allow the little seedlings to poke their heads through when they are ready.  I would recommend a propagator to get your seeds going and a mist spray bottle to keep them damp....don't over water them though otherwise the seeds with rot (speaking from experience here)

cucumber seedlings
seedling spray

Once your seedlings are becoming too tall for the propagator they will need re-potting....keep the pots small to starts as I think they feel a little overwhelmed moving straight to a big one.  I can recommend hairy pots, a great eco friendly alternative to the traditional plastic pots you see around.  Then just keep them watered it an area with a lot of light and watch them grow....simple(?)

seedlings_sugar snap peas

I will be writing more 'grow your own' blog posts to try and encourage as many of you lovely people as possible to get involved.  In the meantime as questions, please drop me an email ( or comment below.  Do share your progress pictures from seed to crop over on social media @bakerycakerybox


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